LG successfully showcased Smart Home Services at CES 2014. Further, LG’s Smart Home Service was honored with a 2014 CES Innovations Award for its intuitive interface and excellent feature set. Please see link below:
LGSI engineers also contributed towards some of the features of this advanced system (such as, SmartControl, SmartShare) during IPR generation activities. Features of this innovative system are subject of patent pending applications at the US patent office.
Recent patent legal decisions:
UK High Court Decision involving patentable subject matter – computer programs
The U.K. High Court (Chancery Division, Patents Court) in a recent decision has rejected a claim that software that enables data to be transferred from one computer on which the data is stored, to another machine connected remotely is patentable. This decision is important as the UK patent law has language similar to the Indian patent law as relates to patentability of “computer software”, and because the decision clarifies the procedure to be used while determining a technical effect.
Under European patent law, and UK patent law (as applied) an invention involving a computer program is patentable if it has a "technical contribution"
Under Section 1 (2) of the (UK) Patents Act 1977, certain exclusions to patentability are provided. Section 1(2) of the UK patent act implements Article 52 of the European Patent Convention. Under the UK patent law, to qualify for a patent, the invention must be (1) new, (2) have an inventive step (or not obvious), and (3) be useful to the industry. However, like section 3 of the Indian patent act, under the UK patent law under section 1(2), an invention cannot be patented, if it is " a discovery, scientific theory, mathematical method, ..schemes, rules, methods for performing mental acts, …programs for computers.”
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