LG Advantage
What makes LGSI truly different? Why do our employees feel proud and happy to be a part of the LGSI family? It is because: LGSI
is a globally known, competent organisation, working with the aim of becoming one of the top three players in the mobile phones field.
has been growing steadily and has established its capabilities in the electronic and communication segments.
offers challenging assignments using advanced technology; enables innovation and creation of technology for tomorrow.
provides excellent opportunities for growth and nurtures an environment that promotes learning and self-development.
has employee friendly culture and policies; promotes an open-door policy and informal work atmosphere.
ensures that hard work and commitment are appreciated; our employees know that we recognise and reward their efforts.
Moreover, at LGSI, our employees have the satisfaction of seeing their products in different markets across the world. Unlike their peers in other organisations, they know when and where their products are being realised, which adds to their feeling of accomplishment. Now that's what you truly call an advantage!