Quality Management: Going Beyond Customer Satisfaction
Our Motto at LGSI, quality is not merely about meeting our customer’s expectations, but about exceeding them. We continuously endeavor to enhance customer satisfaction, and add value to their overall business objectives. To us, quality is a way of life and inherited into all our activities.
Accordingly, our Quality Policy declares “We share collective responsibility to fulfill the commitments made to our customers: of delivering quality products and services. We shall strive to improve our quality standards by continuously benchmarking our performance. We put people first, and are committed to the pursuit of excellence through management based upon esteem for human dignity.”
Quality Management System (QMS) at LGSI contains process architecture for
Engineering Activities
Engineering Support Activities
Organizational Support Activities
The salient features of process architecture at LGSI include,
Process adherence is inherited as a regular and continuous practice by all members
Well connected to all applicable processes to ensure optimum coordination from all relevant stakeholders
Well defined commitment from senior management with dedicated focus technological innovations
Scatters to all types of technical domains with dedicated focus on cutting edge technologies
Emphasizes contributions for improvements from all levels of profiles
Oriented towards enhancing customer satisfaction – By focusing towards
On time delivery,
Achieving no defects or ensuring extremely less trivial defects
Accommodating requirement changes at all times, by implementing strong practices based on Agile Manifesto
Oriented towards enhancing employee satisfaction
Oriented towards enhancing innovations and creativity in all activities that we execute
Oriented towards identifying process improvements based on both qualitative analysis as well as quantitative analysis
Oriented towards ensuring real contributors identified and rewards at regular periodicity
Oriented towards safeguarding confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer’s data, asset, project work products by implementing security management processes at all levels
Specific improvement programs through six sigma approach
LGSI, ever since operational as the only R & D centre in India, as an implied effect of continuous compliance to defined process architecture with clear focus on innovations, creativity and security, has achieved various Quality Certifications that include ISO 9001, CMM L5, ISO 27001, CMMI L3, CMMI L5.
Currently, LGSI is :
CMMI L5 V1.3 certified.
ISO 27001:2005 certified.